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About: One 31 is a prominent television channel in Thailand, owned by The One Enterprise. It was initially launched as Channel One and has since rebranded to One 31, often simply referred to as ONE31. The channel offers a wide variety of programming, including drama series, variety shows, news, game shows, and reality TV. It is known for producing high-quality Thai dramas and has gained a significant following both domestically and internationally.

Here are some key points about One 31:

  1. Programming: One 31 features a diverse range of content, with a strong emphasis on drama series. These dramas often attract large viewership and have contributed to the channel’s popularity. The channel also airs variety shows, entertainment news, and live events.
  2. Popular Shows: Some of the channel’s popular shows include “Hormones: The Series,” “The Gifted,” and “My Ambulance.” These shows have garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase.
  3. Ownership and Management: The channel is part of The One Enterprise, which is a media conglomerate in Thailand. The One Enterprise manages several media outlets and is involved in content production, broadcasting, and distribution.
  4. Digital Presence: One 31 has a strong digital presence, with content available on various online platforms. This helps in reaching a broader audience, especially younger viewers who consume media online.
  5. Awards and Recognition: The channel and its shows have received numerous awards and nominations, highlighting the quality of its programming and its impact on Thai television.
  6. Cultural Impact: One 31 has played a significant role in shaping modern Thai pop culture. Its dramas and variety shows often reflect contemporary Thai society and resonate with viewers on a personal level.

Overall, One 31 is a key player in the Thai television industry, known for its engaging and diverse content.