Winnie the Pooh Shorts

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Play with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga and MORE friends in their Treehouse in the Hundred Acre Wood! 🍯 Playdate with Winnie the Pooh 🍯 Piglet and the Tricycle Pooh Bear brings a tricycle to his playdate with Piglet, but Piglet is too afraid to ride again having fallen off once before. To teach Pooh, Piglet must try, try again. Tigger and the Harmonica Pooh Bear is excited to share his harmonica with Tigger, but Tigger is too full of energy to sit still and play. Pooh Bear must play a tune for Tigger to get his bounces out. Piglet and the Surprise Jar Pooh Bear brings a Jar to his playdate with Piglet. There is just one thing, he doesn’t know what’s inside! Piglet, Tigger and the Cardboard Box Pooh Bear brings a cardboard box to his playdate with Piglet, teaching him that the box can be anything if he uses his imagination. Kanga and Hide-and-Seek Kanga teaches Pooh Bear how to play Hide-and-Go-Seek but when Pooh Bear hides he gets the hiccups and is found. Pooh Bear is sad, but then he learns it’s his turn to seek now. Eeyore and the Paint Set Pooh Bear brings a paint set to his playdate with Eeyore. Eeyore finds a butterfly he wants to paint but doesn’t have the right colors so Pooh Bear teaches him how to mix colors! Piglet and the Kite When Pooh Bear brings a kite to his playdate with Piglet, both of them have a hard time flying it. They figure out they can fly the kite by working together! Eeyore, Kanga and the Treasure Hunt Pooh Bear and Eeyore go on a treasure hunt. They get stumped on their last clue, but after some encouragement, Eeyore figures it out and they find the treasure! Tigger and the Toy Hoop Pooh Bear teaches Tigger how to keep a hoop from falling to the ground. Pooh Bear tells Tigger that the most important part of trying a new thing is practicing. Rabbit and the Chalk Pooh Bear realizes the chalk he brought has turned to dust so Rabbit hops home to get a spare box. Pooh Bear gets bored while waiting for her to return and makes up some games. Piglet and the Snow Bear Pooh Bear and Piglet make a snow bear together. After they’re done, Pooh Bear and Piglet worry that the snow bear will get lonely so, they make a snow pig so that it has a friend. Tigger and the Bouncy Ball Pooh Bear brings a bouncy ball to his playdate with Tigger. Tigger suggests a game called “”Big Bounce”” and bounces the ball so hard that it almost gets stuck in the tree. Piglet, Rabbit and the Picnic Pooh Bear, Rabbit, and Piglet are having a picnic together. Rabbit brought avocados that she grew in her garden to share, but Piglet is nervous to try a food he hasn’t had before. Me & Winnie the Pooh 🍯 Meet Winnie the Pooh Meet Winnie the Pooh. He loves hunny and making new friends. Meet Tigger Meet Tigger, the new bouncin’ buddy. He’s got lots of bounces in him and needs help getting them out. Meet Piglet Piglet conquers his fear of being afraid. Treehouse Tour Winnie the Pooh gives a Treehouse tour to show the many places to play and spots to explore. Cleaning Up With Pooh Bear Pooh Bear needs to do some cleaning up at home and must put his things where they belong so he can play with them another day. Rainy Day Puppet Show Tigger and Piglet put on a puppet show on a rainy day. Tigger Wants to Play All Day Tigger wants to bounce and play, but must find different ways to play as his tail is sore. Pooh Bear’s Morning Routine Pooh Bear shares his morning routine – exercise, brushing his teeth, breakfast, and clean up so he’s ready to play. Meet Eeyore Eeyore shares all the fun things he likes to do in the Hundred Acre Wood. Piglet’s Missing Scarf Piglet can’t find his favorite scarf and must search through all his fun things. Rainy Day Rainbow Painting Join Eeyore for some painting on a rainy day. Pooh Bear Plays Hide-and-Seek Pooh Bear lost his hunny pot. It must be hiding. Do you like to play Hide-and-Seek? So does Pooh Bear! Get ready to play and find a sweet surprise!