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Japan PM LIVE in G20 Summit: PM Fumio Kishida arrives in India | Japan PM in G20


Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has just arrived in India to attend the prestigious G20 Summit, where world leaders gather to discuss pressing global issues.

The G20 Summit, which brings together leaders from 20 of the world’s largest economies, is a pivotal event for discussing key international topics such as climate change, economic growth, and global health challenges.
This year’s summit, held in India, centers around five main themes: sustainable development, international trade, global health, digitalization, and energy security.
Japan’s participation in the summit holds great significance, as the country is the world’s third-largest economy and a cornerstone of global stability.
As a key player in the international stage, Japan’s voice carries weight in shaping policies and building consensus among fellow G20 members.

Prime Minister Kishida is expected to address several pressing matters during the summit.
One of his primary goals is to emphasize the importance of free and fair international trade, as well as advocating for reforms within the World Trade Organization.
Kishida will also discuss Japan’s environmental initiatives, highlighting the country’s commitment to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
With the ongoing global health crisis, Japan is striving to work with fellow G20 nations to speed up the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, especially to low-income countries, and promote a unified approach to combating future pandemics and other global health challenges.

A highly anticipated outcome from this year’s G20 Summit is the potential signing of an international taxation agreement.
Japan and several other participating countries are pushing for a minimum global corporate tax rate to ensure fair competition between multinational corporations.
In addition to discussions on international trade, climate change, and global health, the presence of world leaders at the summit provides a valuable opportunity for meaningful diplomatic encounters.
Prime Minister Kishida is scheduled to hold bilateral meetings with various heads of state, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with discussions expected to focus on strengthening economic and defense ties between their respective nations.
And that wraps up our coverage on Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s attendance at the G20 Summit in India. Please stay tuned for our continuous updates on this important global event.

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