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LIVE: New Year’s Eve 2024 celebrations from around the world


December 31, 2023
people watching fireworks at nighttimeLIVE: New Year's Eve 2024 celebrationsLIVE: New Year's Eve 2024 celebrations

Sydney: Discover the indigenous heritage of Australia through a mesmerizing fire dance performance, followed by the iconic fireworks display over Sydney Harbor.
Dubai: Experience breathtaking drone light shows and jaw-dropping pyrotechnics that illuminate the city’s modern architectural marvels, alongside music performances highlighting Emirati and international talents.
London: Witness the River Thames light up with a striking fireworks spectacle while enjoying a nostalgic walk through British pop culture history, including guest appearances by legendary musicians and actors.
New York City: Join the city that never sleeps as Times Square counts down to midnight with its iconic ball drop. Feel the palpable energy and excitement with celebrity interviews, throwback moments, and an array of musical performances.
Rio de Janeiro: Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and rhythms of Brazilian culture, as we explore the city’s famous Carnival traditions and samba schools during an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party on Copacabana Beach.
Interactive Segments, Trivia, Fun Facts, and Inspiring Stories
Throughout the broadcast, engage viewers with:
Online polls and social media interactions, allowing them to vote on their favorite city celebrations and share their own local New Year’s customs.
Trivia questions related to each city’s history, guests, and New Year’s traditions, with special prizes for viewers who answer correctly.
Fun facts and behind-the-scenes insights into the planning and execution of these massive global events, coupled with interesting stories about the cities themselves.
Uplifting human interest stories from each location, spotlighting everyday people who have overcome adversity or made remarkable contributions to their communities.
Get ready to let the countdown begin with an unforgettable night of entertainment, excitement, and global connection as we celebrate New Year’s Eve 2024 Live!

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