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Tesla Releases Refreshed Model 3 with Longer Driving Range in China

a red tesla logo on a black background

Electric vehicle giant, Tesla, has released an updated version of its popular Model 3 in China, with the new model boasting a longer driving range than its predecessor. This announcement comes amidst increasing competition in the world’s largest EV market and further solidifies Tesla’s commitment to its Chinese customers.

Improved Specifications

With over 350,000 people worldwide already driving the Model 3, Tesla’s decision to release an improved version of the sedan primarily addresses the need for higher range. According to Tesla, the refreshed Model 3 offers an increased range of up to 640 kilometers (about 397 miles) on a single charge, compared to the previous range of 468 kilometers (about 291 miles). This impacts urban and long-range commuters alike by providing more flexibility and reducing frequent charging stops.

Design Upgrades

In addition to the improved battery range, the refreshed Model 3 sports several cosmetic changes. Notable features include the new black trim, updated wheel options, and an enhanced center console. The vehicle’s exterior is adorned with chrome delete accents, giving it a sleeker appearance. For those who appreciate the attention to detail, Tesla has redesigned its logos on the side repeater camera housings, offering a more elegant look.

Strengthening Presence in China

Tesla’s most recent Model 3 update not only appeals to its existing customer base but demonstrates the company’s dedication to the Chinese market. As the largest EV market in the world, China is a crucial battleground for the automaker. By offering a more competitive product in the form of the revamped Model 3, Tesla is building its presence and demonstrating that it can match and exceed the offerings of local competitors.


With the thriving EV market in China and rising demand for a longer driving range, Tesla’s refreshed Model 3 stands as a testament to the company’s innovative spirit. This enhanced version of the electric sedan is bound to leave a lasting impression on Chinese consumers, proving that Tesla is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the global EV race.