Poland Television Channels


June 5, 2024

Poland has a variety of television channels that cater to different tastes and preferences. Here is an overview of some major Polish TV channels across various categories:

Public Television

  1. TVP (Telewizja Polska): The national public broadcaster, offering a range of channels:
    • TVP1: The flagship channel, broadcasting news, dramas, documentaries, and cultural programs.
    • TVP2: Focuses on entertainment, including movies, TV series, and game shows.
    • TVP Info: A 24-hour news channel.
    • TVP Sport: Dedicated to sports coverage.
    • TVP Historia: Focuses on historical programming.
    • TVP Kultura: Cultural content including art, theater, and film.
    • TVP World: Poland’s global news in English.

Private Broadcasters

  1. Polsat: A major private broadcaster with various channels:
    • Polsat: The main channel offering a mix of news, entertainment, and sports.
    • Polsat News: A 24-hour news channel.
    • Polsat Sport: Focuses on sports events.
    • Polsat Play: Entertainment, reality shows, and documentaries.
    • Polsat Cafe: Lifestyle and talk shows.
  2. TVN Group: Another major private broadcaster:
    • TVN: The main channel with news, entertainment, and TV series.
    • TVN 24: A 24-hour news channel.
    • TVN 7: Focuses on entertainment, movies, and series.
    • TVN Style: Lifestyle and women’s programming.
    • TVN Turbo: Content for men, including car shows and extreme sports.

Specialized Channels

  1. Canal+: Premium channels offering movies, sports, and original programming.
  2. Discovery Poland: Various channels such as Discovery Channel, TLC, and HGTV Poland.
  3. AXN Poland: Action and adventure movies and series.
  4. HBO Poland: Premium movie and series channels, including HBO, HBO2, and HBO3.

Regional and Local Channels

  • TVP Regionalne: Regional channels under the TVP umbrella, providing local news and content for different Polish regions.
  • Various Local Stations: Independent local stations catering to specific cities or regions, such as TVS (Silesia), NTL Radomsko, and others.

International Channels

Many international channels are also available in Poland, often with Polish subtitles or dubbing, including BBC, CNN, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, and many more.

These channels provide a diverse range of content, from news and sports to entertainment and educational programming, ensuring a broad spectrum of viewing options for Polish audiences.

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